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"Acoustic Wedding Duo - Promo"

IMAGINE IT… Your friends and family are gathered to celebrate this truly magical moment, the beautiful sound of Laura’s voice and the lush acoustic guitar plays gently, beautifully carrying across the room to where you stand…and then you see them, your life partner, looking more beautiful and radiant than you could ever have imagined. You slow your breathing and calm yourself, the music is pitch perfect, and you know you will remember this moment for the rest of your life!

(Filmed at: St Andrew’s Church, Coventry).

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"Electric Party Duo - Promo"

Our rock & pop duo packs a serious punch and is the perfect choice for getting your party started! This foot-stomping video shows just a sample of what we can perform for you and your guests on your special day. We create the backdrop to your perfect event, with sounds that take you and your loved ones to magical places; with Laura’s soaring vocals and Luke’s crashing guitar and the thunderous beat of the drum, we keep you dancing all night long.

(Filmed at: Twisted Barrel Brewery & Tap House, Coventry).


David Bowie was a musical genius. Not only that, he was a trailblazer, pioneer and inspiration to fans all over the globe, including ourselves. Therefore, we simply had to cover some of his songs for our Acoustic Wedding Duo.

Here is our stripped back, acoustic version of the emotive and timeless, “Heroes”, perfect for Wedding Ceremonies, Drinks Receptions & Breakfasts.


Laura showcases her vocal talents in this hearty rendition of Stereophonics’ “Dakota”.

Every single time we play this song we are joined in full pelt chorus as if this is the anthem to so many lives. There really is nothing quite like a crowd of people singing the same song with so much heart, soul & energy! It’s what goose bumps are made of.

"Save Tonight"

This our punchy version of “Save Tonight”, originally made famous by Eagle-Eye Cherry. 

We love performing this song. Luke’s guitar talent and foot stomping beats combined with Laura’s soaring vocals will have this catchy rendition trapped firmly in your memory… in a good way! 

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