An Interview with Acoustic Wedding Duo, “The Love Rats Duo”

What made you decide to do an Interview-style Video?

LUKE: “We wanted to connect more intimately with customers looking to hire an Acoustic Wedding Duo. It gave us a chance to reach out to customers on a more personal level. We felt it more personable to be Laura & Luke Tetlow, not just The Love Rats Duo.”

Acoustic Wedding Duo, The Love Rats Duo
Husband & wife, Laura & Luke Tetlow

Was it fun or nerve-wracking making the Acoustic Wedding Duo video? 

LAURA: “Both. The Interview video was so much fun to make. There was lots of laughter and blips during the filming. It quickly became clear that singing into a camera felt much easier than talking. That probably sounds strange but, for us, ‘talking’ felt far more exposing than singing. However, it was that very wall that we wanted to break down to connect that bit more with the customer.” Learn more about us HERE

Do you think it’s important in this day and age for a Professional Wedding Duo to provide an interview video?

LUKE: “We feel it is. We are living in a very ‘instant’ world. People lead very busy lives and don’t always have the time to sit and read through lots of information. Our Acoustic Wedding Duo video is designed to help those people. They simply press play, check us out and get the answers to their questions directly from the horses mouth!”

Do you think a video is the best medium for providing customers with information?

LAURA: “Well, everyone absorbs information differently. We want to tap into all avenues that suit our customers needs. Information about our Acoustic Wedding Duo can still be found on our website It can also be found via our social media posts on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. Video allows us to provide an informative, personable & sincere visual that gives customers a feel for who they are hiring.”

Amazing, Affordable, Acoustic Wedding Duo for hire, The Love Rats Duo
Advertisement for our Acoustic Wedding Duo for hire

How did you choose what questions to answer?

LUKE: “We wanted to answer some of our most frequently asked questions. For example, those surrounding ‘performance duration’ & ‘repertoire’. We also wanted to answer some questions that may not be considered but definitely prove important. Like, “Do you have Public Liability Insurance?” for example. We tried to include the most asked and the most important questions.” Read more of our FAQ’s HERE

Do you believe this video will encourage customers to hire your Acoustic Wedding Duo?

LAURA: “We certainly hope so. We are proud of the product we offer and care about our customers needs. If we were hiring a band for a special occasion, we would want to see a video like this. When you are spending hard-earned cash, you want to know the act your hiring is professional, experienced & knowledgeable. We hope that our interview video achieved that.” Contact Us:

Acoustic Wedding Duo. The Love Rats Duo. St Andrew's Church Coventry
The Love Rats Duo during filming for Acoustic Wedding Duo PROMO VIDEO at St Andrew’s Church, Coventry

You mention PLI & PAT Testing. Are those things important?

LUKE: “Absolutely. Public Liability Insurance and Portable Appliance Tested equipment are the types of things that many hirers don’t consider. But it is extremely important, not only to the hirer, but to the Wedding Venue and the band. Many venues insist that this documentation is provided. The Love Rats Duo can provide all the necessary certificates and documentation so our customers know we take safety seriously.

Lego Laura & Luke of The Love Rats Duo
Lego Laura & Luke pose for The Love Rats Duo photo shoot!

You offer 2 different styles of performance in the video. Why is that?

LAURA: “Well, we understand different people want different things. So, this is to show we can cater to more than one need. Some customers may be looking for an easy-going, relaxed performance and others a high impact, foot-stomping performance.”

What’s the difference between the two styles?

Luke: “We offer a high energy, electric version of ourselves for events requiring a Party Band vibe. And this is ideal for Evening Wedding Receptions & Parties. We crank the guitar, stomp the drum, belt those vocals & fill the dance floor!

We also offer a stripped back Acoustic Duo version of ourselves for events requiring a more chilled out vibe. This is really popular for Wedding Ceremonies, Wedding Drinks Receptions & Wedding Breakfasts. Also perfectly suited to an outdoor festival style wedding.

Laura Tetlow - Wedding Ceremony Singer, West Midlands
Here’s Laura, of The Love Rats Duo, performing at a Wedding Ceremony in Warwickshire

Do you ever combine the two styles for an occasion?

LAURA: “Yes! We offer a variety of Bespoke Wedding Packages to suit our customers needs and budget. One of our most popular Wedding Packages is our ‘Full Day Wedding Spectacular’ package. The beauty of hiring us for a full day means that we can provide both options. Our Acoustic Wedding Duo is perfect for the Wedding Ceremony & Wedding Drinks Reception. And our Electric Wedding Duo brings that foot-stomping, party band vibe in the evening!

Acoustic Wedding Duo for Wedding Ceremonies, drinks receptions, wedding breakfasts, evening wedding receptions, full day wedding spectacular package. The Love Rats Duo. West Midlands
Laura & Luke during their own Wedding Ceremony at Wootton Park, Henley-In-Arden